With the devastating impacts of fast fashion so evident in today's society, we aim to provide you with slow fashion products made at a high quality in unique designs, which you can keep as a wardrobe staple and wear for years...

At EM'S THE LABEL, we aim to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. 


1) Any bits of left-over lycra are repurposed into our 'Patchwork Boob Tubes'. These designs are super funky, completely unique and almost 100% waste-free! 

2) All other large scraps (e.g. sequins, foiled fabrics, cottons) are donated to a local special needs school & the local scrap store. Here, our fabrics are used as visual aids/ art supplies for children to learn with in the classroom.

3) After steps 1 + 2, any further scraps are sorted and sent off to be recycled! 

4) We recently made the choice to stop using tissue paper for wrapping orders. This move has reduced packaging waste. 

5) Our pink plastic mail bags are RECYCLABLE. They can be recycled at your local supermarket using the 'Carrier Bag Recycling' bins. You can also recycle our order packing slips in the 'Papers' bin.

6) We focus on providing you with HIGH QUALITY, well made fabrics, which won't wear out in 5 seconds like your basics from the high street. We source most of our fabric from UK based factories also, with our lycra's being printed rather than dyed, which is far more sustainable (we hope to reach a point where 100% of our fabrics are produced in the UK by the end of this year). Our trimmings and elastics are all sourced from local haberdashery businesses. We also get our sew-in labels woven here in the UK by a small family run business.

Finally, our branding is printed in the UK (swing tags, business cards, packing slips etc.) and these can all be recycled with household recycling.

We're always looking for new ways to minimise our overall waste production - so, please get in touch if you have any ideas!